investor and shareholder relations

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investor and shareholder relations

At Northbridge Capital we understand the importance of establishing strong and supportive relationships with investors, stakeholders and the broader community. Building an aligned investor base is a competitive advantage for any company or fund seeking to outperform its competition. The very best companies are supported by an investor base that not only provides financial resources, but also advice, ongoing feedback and patience when required. We believe every company should strive to turn its shareholders into ambassadors by building trust through clear, direct and regular communication.

To support this approach, we go beyond the scope of traditional PR and communications strategies and have developed our own strategic shareholder management framework to strengthen stakeholder relationships by:

  • Implementing our communication strategy to ensure trust, loyalty and support
  • Creating an aligned investor base by targeting specific investors
  • Undertaking our vulnerability assessment of the investor base to address grievances
  • Establishing crisis management plans to minimise and contain any investor concerns
  • Provide advice and oversight on shareholder materials including presentations
  • Coordinate investor roadshow and briefings
  • Engage with investors and prepare feedback reports to management
  • Service level agreement review and advice

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